Tristan Teaser Pic

Monday, February 20, 2012
After searching and searching for the perfect face for Gabriel and Tristan, I have finally found my cover model! His name is Lonnie and, aside from being gor-geous, he is insanely talented. I am honored to work with him for the cover of Awry. Hopefully, his face is everything you imagine the Archer brothers to be!

Are you ready for the teaser pic of TRISTAN ARCHER? (Keep in mind this is a teaser. After all, I can't very well let you see all of him before the big cover reveal. That would spoil the surprise! :) 

There you have it! A (partial) picture of Tristan. *sigh* Isn't he beautiful? :)

Chelsea vs. The Owl

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Last night, I had a showdown with an owl. That's right, a full-feathered, creepy-necked, sharp-beaked owl.

Did my owl encounter happen on a farm? Or in a heavily-wooded area where the chance of an owl run-in is probable?


My owl showdown happened at the grocery store.