Starting Over

Sunday, June 26, 2011
I'm 40,000 words into my next book, Archers Immortal (a title I will probably change), and I've decided to start over.  Completely.

Not because those 40,000 words suck, but because I feel like I now know my characters, and I think I can do better.  This is how I do pretty much all creative things in my life.

When I paint, I always start with a picture that morphs into something else entirely by the time I'm finished.  So I'm not surprised to find my writing following suit.  The creative process is--at least in my case--like an unruly vine that stretches across my mind, growing into places I didn't know existed.  I feel blessed by this (the unpredictable nature of that which I create) and so I shall embrace it.

So I'm starting over.

It's tricky; the business of telling a story from the beginning.  Because it requires that I know everything upfront.  And honestly, I don't.  I have an outline so I won't get lost along the way; sketches so I can visualize facial expressions and locations; and an ending.

But I can't promise you that somewhere amidst my story, their won't be a character who goes rogue and completely redirects the entire plot.  Because who knows?  Maybe the villain chick will turn out to be likable and everyone will want to have her over for cookies and quilting lessons.  Or maybe the hot male protagonist will decide to become a career game show contestant and, therefore, lose all sex appeal.  I dunno.

But that's how I roll: total surrender to creativity.

So I'm starting over today. And I might start over again. But I will eventually tell my story. And it will rock.

Holy Tuna!

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Sophie & Carter is now available on Kindle!

Click Here To Order!

I can't explain how surreal this is for me.  I've spent the last several years living in front of my Kindle, night after night, downloading new works of fiction for my brain to get lost in before I fall asleep.  I never imagined my own book would someday be in the Kindle store.

So, I feel triumphant in this.  Even if no one reads my Kindle book, I still feel triumphant. Because it's there, sitting on Amazon's electronic shelf, like it's worth reading.  And I've never been so proud.  Or terrified.

Proud, because I did something I didn't think I could do.

And terrified, because the only thought that keeps running through my head is, "Holy mackerel!  What did I just do?  I am a lunatic.  What if everyone hates it?  What if I suck?  I probably suck.  I probably suck and should never, ever try and write again.  And also, I really need to put away the pile of laundry that's been sitting on my couch for two days."

Okay, that last part, about the laundry, has nothing to do with Sophie & Carter-- but it still plagues my thoughts!  (By the way, the saying "holy mackerel" is weird, don't you think?  I might as well say, "Holy Catfish!" or "Holy Tuna!"...right?")

That's it.  It's official.  From now on I will be saying, "Holy Tuna!" at every possible opportunity.

So,'s to my book being on Kindle...

...And to laundry that folds itself.
Wait, is that not a real thing?  Holy Tuna!

Pajamas Rule And Zombies Drool

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Last night, I wrote 5,000 words in my next book, bringing my word count (thus far) up to 35,000.  What is my next book about?  To put it simply, it's about two brothers who love the same girl.  And because love triangles aren't messy enough, I'm throwing in a curse, some immortal blood, and a little bit of archery.  <---because it's hot when guys know how to use archaic weapons.

But no vampires. 

Or werewolves.  

Because the market is a bit over-saturated with such creatures and, honestly, I don't think I could put a new spin on that particular world of fantasy.  I mean, maybe if I made the vampire allergic to blood and obsessed with getting a tan, or a werewolf who had a bad case of fleas but couldn't go to a vet in his wolf form because he would, ya know, eat the vet...maybe that would be a new twist on a vampire/werewolf story.  But who would read that?  No one.  Exactly.  So I'm not writing about vampires or werewolves.

Or fairies.  

Because fairies confuse me. I can't decide if they're good...or evil...or just purchasing my teeth so they can make tiny fae weapons out of human bone. (Which begs the question, why are fairies always in some kinda war?  I mean, aren't they the ultimate tree-huggers? Come on!) And also, I just can't take a hot guy seriously if he has butterfly wings.  Angle wings? Sure.  Iridescent, wispy wings?  FAIL.

I also will not write about zombies--at least not in this book. (I've started writing a completely different book about zombies that I will someday publish...but that day is far from now.) Because here's the thing about zombies: they're gross. I mean, even if you try to hunk them up, you just canNOT make a decaying, brain-eating, drooling, dead guy sexy. So, no zombies.

Dear Fear....

Monday, June 20, 2011
I found myself doubting my ability to write today and it nearly paralyzed me.  

Because who am I?  I am no English major with a master's in creative writing.  I am no well-traveled journalist who has important things to say about life.  I am nothing of consequence in the world of writing.

I am just a girl who likes to read and remembers what it's like to be a teenager.  So what can I possibly have to say on paper?  

I was sitting in front of my computer, wallowing in insecurity, when I realized fear—specifically the fear of failing, or being unworthy—will be my nemesis regardless of what I choose to pursue in life.  Fear’s not going anywhere…but I refuse to stay put. 

So to my nemesis I say, “Bring it on!” 

Ogres, People of Walmart, and my book trailer.

Monday, June 13, 2011
What an exciting last few months! 

I've been reading and re-reading and writing and re-writing Sophie & Carter endlessly, in the hopes that I just might be able to publish something that at least one person out there (who is not my mother or any other obligated relative--yes, relatives, you are obligated to like my writing) will enjoy.  Maybe not even enjoy...maybe just relate to...or understand...or maybe just not hate with a feverish passion.  

Really, I believe, that is my biggest goal:  NOT to evoke a mass uproar of readers who hate my story and are, therefore, picketing outside my house with cardboard signs and torches and ogres (because whenever I envision a picketing crowd, there's always an ogre in the background looming over the enraged townsfolk and drooling) while chanting a catchy mantra of dislike...and all because they didn't like my book and think I should stick to things I do better--like lying on the couch and watching reruns of Gossip Girl.  I'm very good at that.  In fact, I might just ditch this blog post right now and conjure up a dusty DVR recording of Gossip Girl Season 2.  Who's with me?

Anyway...these last few months have been crazy.  Crazy wonderful.  Crazy weird.  Crazy I'm-so-nervous-and-excited-I-can'  Yes, these months have been just plain crazy! :)  

But it has honestly been the best kind of crazy I've ever experienced.  And I hope (so so SO bad) that I continue to have the craziness of writing and re-writing and editing and publishing saturate my otherwise sleep-and-food-filled life for many years to come!

Now, onto the reason I'm posting (because I certainly had no intention of going off on a tangent about ogres or confessing my short stint as a peopleofwalmart voyer when I sat down today). 

I am proud to announce that Sophie & Carter is now officially available for pre-order on!  

The title will be released by July 1, 2011 and should be ready for purchase at and within the next few weeks/months. 

Also, I had the pleasure of working with a very talented videographer to produce the official book trailer for Sophie & Carter.  Check it out and let me know what you think. :)

by Anderson HD Photography