Pajamas Rule And Zombies Drool

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Last night, I wrote 5,000 words in my next book, bringing my word count (thus far) up to 35,000.  What is my next book about?  To put it simply, it's about two brothers who love the same girl.  And because love triangles aren't messy enough, I'm throwing in a curse, some immortal blood, and a little bit of archery.  <---because it's hot when guys know how to use archaic weapons.

But no vampires. 

Or werewolves.  

Because the market is a bit over-saturated with such creatures and, honestly, I don't think I could put a new spin on that particular world of fantasy.  I mean, maybe if I made the vampire allergic to blood and obsessed with getting a tan, or a werewolf who had a bad case of fleas but couldn't go to a vet in his wolf form because he would, ya know, eat the vet...maybe that would be a new twist on a vampire/werewolf story.  But who would read that?  No one.  Exactly.  So I'm not writing about vampires or werewolves.

Or fairies.  

Because fairies confuse me. I can't decide if they're good...or evil...or just purchasing my teeth so they can make tiny fae weapons out of human bone. (Which begs the question, why are fairies always in some kinda war?  I mean, aren't they the ultimate tree-huggers? Come on!) And also, I just can't take a hot guy seriously if he has butterfly wings.  Angle wings? Sure.  Iridescent, wispy wings?  FAIL.

I also will not write about zombies--at least not in this book. (I've started writing a completely different book about zombies that I will someday publish...but that day is far from now.) Because here's the thing about zombies: they're gross. I mean, even if you try to hunk them up, you just canNOT make a decaying, brain-eating, drooling, dead guy sexy. So, no zombies.

Just to sum up: 

-No Vampires
-No Werewolves
-No Fairies
-No Zombies

But there might be a witch....  I can't promise you anything, but I might have to incorporate a semi-wicked witch in my next book. And I might give her fangs--just for aesthetic purposes. But she will not be a vampire! 

So...(where was I?)...oh yes, my book.  Full of hot guys, immortality, archery, and maybe a witch.  Maybe.  The first book (which I was originally going to title "Promise Me Not" but now I'm not so sure) is meant to be the beginning of a series of maybe three or four books.  

Is anyone other than me looking forward to the completion of this series?  Probably not.  But it's a story in my head full of passion and mystery and jealousy and hope...and I just have to tell it! 

My goal today is 3,000 words.  So far, I have written 0.  Wow.  All of a sudden, I'm feeling incredibly unproductive.  And the fact that it's 11am and I'm still in my pajamas, sitting on my couch, next to giant pile of laundry, trying to make coffee telepathically... is not helping.

Coffee, here I come.


  1. Sally said...:

    Oh I can't wait to not read about vampires, werewolves, fairies, or zombies!!! (LOL) But seriously you're amazing Chels, just thought you should know. I can't wait for what ever you are dreaming up because honestly who doesn't like love triangles with a twist. ;)

  1. Ang said...:

    Yeyyy! No vampires ;D I can continue to read!!!

  1. Did you hear that awesome series for us to get excited about!!!!!! (If you didn't know, Chels, Saddle and I are obsessed with reading series!) I know it's gonna be great! xo

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I seriously heart you...I laughed right out loud at this post....LOVE your rants!!! Can't wait -- & I'm on the lookout for the perfect models for the covers...xo.

  1. Brooke Wagner said...:

    How about mermaids? I was tlaking to my friend about it and she thought of this so I thought I'd ask. Will mermaids be showing up in any of your books or even sirens?

  1. Chelsea Fine said...:

    @Brooke Wagner

    Mermaids...hmmm..I've honestly never thought about writing a mermaid/siren story, but that's probably because I don't know very much about that particular folklore. It could be fun, though!

  1. Chelsea Fine said...:

    Just for you, Ang... :)

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