A Day In The Life Of Me

Friday, October 7, 2011
Sorry it's been so long! *sigh* I've just been a writing fool lately and have practically been living in my studio--diligently working on my next book, Anew.

I live off coffee and granola bars and rarely ever do I put on "real" clothes. I have to tell ya, writing isn't as glamorous as it sounds. At least not for me, haha.

Two years ago I worked at a credit union, financing loans for rich people (not as cool as one might think). A normal day for me back then went something like this:

1) Wake up promptly at the sound of my alarm.
2) Take a shower and shave my legs (everyday).
3) Spend approximately 45 minutes doing my hair with obsessive precision until the end result looked like something out of a magazine.
4) Put on makeup. I'm talking a full kit of makeup. Base, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara...maybe even bronzer if I'm feeling extra spunky.
5) Iron my clothes. Even if what I plan to wear isn't wrinkled, I still iron it so I look extra sophisticated.
6) Get dressed in my perfectly-matching outfit that screams I am trustworthy and have the power to deny your boat loan!
7) Put on matching jewelry.
8) Step into a pair of killer high heels that I will wear for the next ten hours.
9) Go to work and socialize politely with the general public and my coworkers all day long.
10) Go home, drink a glass of wine, and crawl into bed before 9pm.

Here's what I used to look like (this isn't actually me, folks...just an example):

Yeeeeeeeeah. So, my life has changed a bit. Writing isn't a perfect science and, like any creative outlet, must be attended to whenever passion strikes. So, that being said, here's a typical day for me now.

1) I press snooze 10-20 times (or until my husband growls at me) before rolling (literally, rolling) out of bed and going through the writing to-do list in my head.

2) Shower? Please. I have a story to write! There' s no time for bathing and frolicking in water. My characters are waiting for me! (As is Twitter...Facebook...Goodreads...my blog....) And you can forget about me shaving my legs. Ha! Shaving is for special occasions only. Like winning the lottery. And my funeral.

3) I don't do my hair. Period. I wake up, put it in a ponytail, and forget about it until my husband refers to me as Bellatrix LeStrange and I can no longer recall when my last shower was.

4) Makeup is a lost cause. Don't get me wrong...I probably have some on. But if I do, it's because three or four days ago I slapped on some mascara to do a video blog and now that mascara has made its way (in slow progression) down my face because, like I said, there's no time for showering. I inadvertently go "Goth" every few days.

5) If I iron anything, it's the kinks out of my flailing manuscript and the wrinkles out of my plot. I don't even remember where my ironing board is....

6) I do get dressed. Or rather, I wear clothes. Granted, they're usually the pajamas I threw on last week that I've yet to change out of because they're comfortable and, really, who wants to wear skinny jeans and a bra when they're sitting at their computer writing all day? Not me.

7) I've pawned all my jewelry in order to support my caffeine habit.

8) I have 46 pairs of high heels--none of which I wear anymore. Currently, they're decorating the east wall of my garage and gathering dust. I sit at my desk barefoot. Sometimes I wear socks. If I have a visitor stop by, I might throw on a pair of fuzzy slippers.

9) Since starting my career as a writer, socialization has taken on a whole new meaning. If I've tweeted you, facebooked you, or responded to an email of yours in the last sixty days, consider yourself a close, personal friend of mine. I don't think I've seen a live person for over a month. Wait, that's not true. I went to a wedding last weekend. And I spent the entire ceremony writing alternate book endings on the back of my hand with a broken eyeliner pencil I found at the bottom of my purse. See? This is why writers tend to become hermits. Because we completely lose contact with the outside world and fail to participate appropriately when we do connect.

10)Forget a glass of wine, I'll take straight espresso. In my big gulp cup, thank you. And my new bedtime is now 4am... if my characters behave and my computer-screen eyes can keep up with my typing. Otherwise, I'll crawl into bed around dawn, and then proceed to hit the snooze button 10-20 times....

Here's what I look like now (again, not really me...but frighteningly close):

There you have it. A day in the life of me. It's almost 9:30pm...time for another cup of coffee.... :)


  1. Cary Cheyenne. said...:

    I love this SO much!! You're hilarious, but so, so true!!

  1. That was awesome! I love your descriptions, there are so vivid and real! I hope your book is going well, I can't wait to read it!


  1. tina_rintn said...:

    Ha ha wonderful description of a writers life! Can't wait for the book.

  1. Angel Snyder said...:

    Haha, Chelsea--you always know how to make me laugh! All of this is so true! I don't write half as much as I would like, but what you have said pretty much sums up my writing life! We ARE hermits! Lol on the Bellatrix LeStrange comment! :) Keep writing! Can't wait to read your new book!


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