Picture Review of UtopYA Con 2012!

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Last weekend, I had the priviledge of attending UtopYA Con in Nashville, TN and it was amazing! If you're a paranormal book reader, writer, or fan, you NEED to attend this event next year! (Tickets are on sale now :)

Here's a picture review of my weekend:

Dinner with my awesome roomies! These girls were gracious enough to invite me to hang with them all weekend. They put up with all of my embarrassing moments and jittery nerves and my tendency to be a complete idiot, haha. But, seriously :) Thanks, ladies!
From left to right: Heather Hildenbrand, K.C. Neal, Angeline Kace and myself.

Art Circle library in Crossville, TN. This day was so much fun!! Thank you to Heather "SupaGurl" with SupaGurl Books for putting this event together!
Angeline Kace, myself, Heather Hildenbrand, Adam Kunz, K.C. Neal, Carol Kunz, Tiffany King and Raine Thomas.

Me and the incredible SupaGurl Heather!!! 
Love her face! (My face, on the other hand, looks nervous and terrified, haha.)

 Day #1 at UtopYA Con: My table. See how I wore purple to be all matchy? Yeah. I'm a nerd.

My first panel! Eek! :)
In order from left to right: Me, Tammy Blackwell, Angeline Kace and Jessica Sorensen

Here I am, still wearing purple, still talking.

Me and Abbi Glines. :)

 Lunch with my writer homies! 
Heather Hildenbrand, myself, Brina Courtney, Angeline Kace, Morgan Wylie, K.C. Neal

UtopYA Day #2:  My second panel: Love triangles! This panel was SO MUCH FUN! Anytime you put a bunch of boy-crazy girls in a room and have them discuss hot boys and hot books, it's bound to be giggly chaos. :) 
In order from left to right: Amy Bartol, Angeline Kace, Amanda Havard and myself.

My third panel: Judging a book by the cover
Ohmygoodness, what a great panel! I love these peeps! 
From left to right: Tammy Blackwell, myself, Amy Bartol, Carol & Adam Kunz (C.A. Kunz)

UtopYA Con Awards night: Me, playing the air harp. Don't ask.

Tiffany King and Heather Hildenbrand

Aw...love these girls! 
Brina Courtney, Heather Hildenbrand, Angeline Kace, Tiffany King, K.C. Neal, myself
Aren't we fancy? :)

Tiffany King! I love her like WHOA.

Anew won Best Cover of the Year, guys!!!! Ahhhh!!!! 
See how I'm smiling but I look like I could cry at any second? That's because I was so shocked and honored and dumbfounded that my face (and my words) wouldn't work, haha. *sigh* I should never be in front of a microphone. 
Special thanks to my amazing cover photographer Ashley Bugg with Bugg Photographer LLC. 

My good friend Raine Thomas!

The after party! It was pouring rain, folks. POURING. This disappointed most of the conference-goers, but for a desert girl like myself, it was wonderful! I rarely see rain out here in Phoenix, so I was enthralled by the stormy weather. *love*

There you have it! UtopYA Con 2012! It was a blast guys! Don't miss out next year! :) 


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