Florence + The Machine = Best Concert Ever

Monday, December 17, 2012
I totally meant to post this last month, but I'm a flake. So here it is now. Haha.

In October, I got to see Florence + The Machine in San Diego and let me just tell you, WOW! I was completely blown away and entranced by their performance! 

Florence looks like a goddess--like a beautiful hippie goddess. And she dances and moves nonstop while she's singing, which makes her performance real and passionate. She moves with her words and runs around the stage while smiling and carrying a note for eight measures and I was just captivated by her music the entire show. Incredible!

 Me and my hubby before the show. Ahhh!!!! :)

 See how close I am? I'm like ten people away from the stage! And see how happy I am with my washed out face? I look like I'm neon.
 They had a harp. A HARP! That's hardcore.

Here's a video of the San Diego concert, which I totally didn't record myself because I was too busy dancing my booty off. But you can probably see my hands or hair or feet flying around somewhere in there. Haha.

Ah! Don't you just love her voice??? *happy sigh*
So yeah. She's amazing. Next time she goes on tour I'm totally following her around like a groupie. Seriously.



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