Looks like Damon might have some competition...

Friday, August 19, 2011
There's a new show in town, and it makes me want to howl.

MTV's Teen Wolf has just finished its first season and, my-oh-my, what a season it was. I'm not going to recap the show, but I do want to point out how totally better it is than the movie of the same name. Let's compare photos, shall we?

Yep. No contest. MTV all the way.

Now, as most of you know, I'm in love with a vampire named Damon Salvatore. I'm TEAM DAMON all the way. I even have a homemade TEAM DAMON shirt. (Yeah, I'm that girl.) But, ladies and gentleman, it looks like Damon might have some competition.

Competition in the form of a smokin' hot werewolf! *gasp* Say it isn't so!

Oh, it's so.
It's SO....Derek Hale.

Who is this brooding hottie? He is the most delicious part of the yummy cast of Teen Wolf. Here's another pic of Derek Hale (whose real name is Tyler Hoechlin), because two pictures isn't overkill or obsessive at all.

So, anyway, I'm obsessed with a new TV show and have, of course, fallen for the dark and broken non-protagonist. Big shocker. If you'd like to get a taste of the werewolf goodness, and join me in yet another addiction, all episodes of Teen Wolf are available for free on MTV's website.

Wow..I just realized this post sounds like one big MTV plug. Huh. They should pay me...or, at the very least, let me pet Derek....


  1. H3@th3r said...:

    "pet" aahahahahahahaha! :)

  1. @H3@th3r
    Oh, Heather, I like you and how you laugh at my jokes. :) Have you seen this show?

  1. Sally said...:

    Leave it to Chelsea to get me hooked on yet another supernatural show!

  1. @SallyThat's what I'm here for. Oh, Sally, think of the possibilities...we could get together and watch Vampire Diaries AND Teen Wolf. Our husbands would be so proud...haha....

  1. Elena Gray said...:

    I'm a closet Teen Wolf fan. My brother in-law caught me watching the finale on my laptop. Needless to say I didn't hear the end of it. Derek is also my fave! Can't wait to see how bad he's going to be next season.

  1. @Elena Gray I know! You know what I'm going to miss, though? Derek's pretty blue eyes... *sigh* they were so magical looking and now they're all red and evil. Bummer.

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