My First Video Blog!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Will there be a sequel for Sophie & Carter?


  1. Amy J said...:

    LOL! Look at how cute you are with that bright smile!! What an awesome first vlog! I have no guts whatsoever to put a vlog up of myself! HAHA

    I can't wait for another book to come out that you write!! I loved Sophie and Carter and can't wait to see your take on a paranormal! I also posted a contest on the blog for a copy of Sophie and Carter. So many entries so far girl!

    Love your guts!!

  1. H3@th3r said...:

    Very cool ;) Can't wait for what's next!

  1. @Amy J
    I saw the contest--very exciting! Whoo-hoo!! Thank you so so much for reviewing S&C, doing the contest, and being so very encouraging! You, seriously, are the best. I love YOUR guts!! :)

  1. Diane Fine said...:

    Oh-I just got it...vlog! You are beautiful and I have decided that you are not only a laugher--because, face it, you are a laugher and we NEED laughers--but you are also very funny! And incredibly talented and sweet. And I should know. I know a bunch of your fans are excited at the prospect of a S&C sequel. Write on and don't let anything stop you.

  1. Hi Chelsea, You did great for your first vlog! :)
    Have 'Sophie and Carter'on my to-read-list.Can't wait to read it :)

  1. @Debbie@ I Heart YA Books Thanks Debbie! :) I just sent you an email about Sophie & Carter. You're the BEST! :)

  1. ashley bugg said...:

    ohmygosh. I heart you. yup. its official.

  1. Cute video. U remind me of me...or would that be I remind me of you? Anyway perhaps you'll check my video blogs...I'll send you the link to my latest. In the meantime, bravo--you're adorable!

  1. @Robbi Sommers Bryant Thanks, Robbi :) Haha. Yes, go ahead and send my the link to your vlogs.

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