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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
As a writer, I think WHERE you write is super important.  For instance, I find that I cannot write well when I'm seated at the kitchen table, between my two children who are throwing chicken nuggets at one another.  For whatever reason, I find this distracting.  Go figure.

So instead, I write in my studio.  I call it my 'studio' because, up until 4 months ago, I spent the majority of my time painting.  (Well, let's be honest here, I spent the majority of my time eating and watching TV.)  But when I wasn't eating chocolate or watching reruns of Psych, I was painting.  In the back room of the house.  AKA the 'studio'.

But since my life has changed a bit and I now find myself reading and writing every minute of the day (wow, that's almost not an exaggeration) my 'studio' has become less of an artist's free-for-all and more of a writer's workshop.

So anyway, I have this great studio that my awesome husband made for me and it's so wonderful and inspiring but...I'm messy.  :(

I can't deny it. "Messy" just comes with my personality.  I'm loud.  I'm artsy.  I draw tattoos on people with sharpies.  I let my kids throw food and color on the walls....I'm the epitome of "mess".  Here is a picture of my studio earlier this afternoon:

Pretty wrecked, eh?  Did you notice the dead plant on the piano bench?  *sigh*  Yeah.  I fail at gardening.  You'll

notice there's a suitcase on the white chair.  Why, you ask?  I have no idea. The studio is where I put things when I'm too lazy to walk all the way to wherever they belong.   Honestly, I don't even know where the suitcase belongs.  The garage, maybe?  The attic? I have no clue.  That's how truly unorganized I am.  So my objective today was to clean this room. See below. :)

Ah, much better.  I give it 2...3 days tops before it returns to its normal state of messiness.  

Because I fail at cleaning. 

And putting away suitcases.  

(You can't see it, but right now that black suitcase is actually crammed in the studio closet. Viola!  No more suitcase.)


  1. H3@th3r said...:

    Super awesome :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I just want to talk to you for hours. Can I?

  1. Sally said...:

    So awesome, love having a little space that's just your own! Also I Love the new background on the blog, oh and were did you find the shelves for your supplies??? They are super cute! Ok this post sounds super ADD but of well. LOL

  1. @Sally
    I got the shelves at IKEA (love that place!) ...and yes, it's wonderful to have my "own" space. :) *love*

  1. @ashley bugg
    That's because we're meant to be, you and I. We're like two halves of a "best friends" necklace...except, instead of a heart, when you put us together we make MAGIC! (...too much? did I stretch it a bit...?) I tend to get carried away when I talk about my artistic soul mate....which would be you... :)

  1. Kristen said...:

    Really.. What you did is just move everything into the one corner the camera misses huh? I do that. So naturally thats what I imagine. A pile of dead plants and suitcases piled in one corner. :) oh Chelsea I love you!

  1. @KristenHaha! You caught me! There's decaying foliage rotting away in a black suitcase in the corner as we speak. I might have to do something about that soon. The stench is getting pretty bad...hahaha :)

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