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Friday, July 15, 2011
Over this past week I had the opportunity to meet an awesome up-and-coming writer by the name of Blaire Kensley, author of the soon-to-be hit series THE CREED. And guess what?  She agreed to let me interview her!

See below!


1) Blaire Kensley, who are you?  Tell us about yourself.

I guess the simple version is, I was born and raised in Texas but unlike most tried-and-true Texas folk I would love to actually travel and even live in different parts of the world if the opportunity presents itself.  I have an almost irrational sense of adventure, which frightens my husband to no end; especially when I attempt to plan my irrational acts and make them appear more rational than they really are. (Yeah, he’s not fooled either.)  I was the only girl raised in a house full of boys (4 to be exact) and am ranked somewhere close to the top in age, so I’m pretty tough, a little quirky, I smile a lot and possess the tendency to ramble on and on when I get nervous.

2) How did you get into writing?

I think my love for writing is more a bi-product of my deeply rooted love for reading.  In that as a kid I simply fell in love with it, with the stories and the art of storytelling, all of it.  It was like discovering real magic in the world.  So at the age of five it was like having a light switch turned on inside of me, and I knew that this was something I wanted to do.  And looking back I feel lucky to have discovered such a deep passion at a fairly young age that to this day I am still completely infatuated with.

3) Where do you get your story ideas?

I’ve always been a very enthusiastic reader and so over the years I think that’s translated a lot into the way I feed my imagination and thirst for storytelling.  And so the ideas I have are in a way fed not just through my life experiences but also through the plots, themes and even entire genres that I have come to enjoy reading over the years.  But my reading interests span a whole variety of themes, from YA to paranormal, supernatural, suspense thrillers, romance and even comedies, which are all themes that I like to incorporate into my own writing when I can. 

4) Tell us about your upcoming series, THE CREED. 

This question always makes me chuckle and then sweat a little, because as writers were always just expected to deliver these clever pithy statements about our work at the drop of a hat.  When the truth is, of all the questions I get asked, this is probably one of the most difficult ones for me to answer. (I know, it figures!)

But THE CREED is my first four-book YA supernatural thriller series.

Working titles are currently…

Book #1 – The Creed
Book #2 – The Adversaries
Book #3 – The Prophecy
Book #4 – The Reckoning

The series follows the awakening of 18-year-old Ava Cormac into the world of the fallen, where THE CREED, an ancient order of immortals and nephilim (the offspring of angels and humans), have for centuries fought to maintain both order and balance in the world for the sake of mankind.   But with the balance of light and darkness in danger of being irrevocably violated, Ava must face her destiny or risk the fate of all mankind and nephilim in the world. 

Yet Ava is torn when she discovers that not only is her best friend, James—who she’s secretly loved always—a member of The Creed and her nephilim guardian, but that by direct order of the Creed Council a love match between the two has been strictly forbidden.

Unwilling to accept the dooming fate before her or the bitter taste at the thought of life without James, Ava sets out to find the lost prophecy that may hold the key to her happiness.  But in crossing over into the dark world inhabited by the beautifully dark fallen—meeting the mysterious and gorgeously alluring Seth—Ava finds that the lines between good and evil begin to blur.  But a choice must be made.  And Ava must conqueror both her fears and doubts if she is to save the ones she loves and she herself escape a fate worse than death.

5) What's an interesting fact about yourself?

Oh, I don’t know…the fact that I’m a die-hard-geek-to-the-core old musicals fan may be one. Oh, yeah. I’m talking Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Jane Powell and Howard Keel type stuff. Yep, I’m the real deal.


Thank you, Blaire Kensley!  It is always so much fun to learn more about other writers and their upcoming works.  I am *totally* looking forward to THE CREED!  It sounds exciting, adventurous, heart-wrenching and passionate!  I cannot wait to hold it in my hands!  

To learn more about how very awesome Blaire Kensley is, you should check out her blog or you can always follow her on Facebook or--my personal favorite--Twitter @BlaireKensley (she is a HOOT!)

Thanks again, Blaire, for letting me pick your brain! :)  Hopefully, I can have you come back for a follow-up interview after THE CREED comes out! Holla!!!!  :)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Awesome interview ! Looking forward to the book! I know the author personally and look forward to reading Creed and seeing her success !
    All the Best

  1. Sally said...:

    Yup sounds like my cup of tea!

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