Love like WHOA

Saturday, July 2, 2011
I have great friends. I mean truly, fantastic friends.

I had a meltdown in my kitchen two days ago. Like a real cry-my-eyes-out-snot-all-over meltdown. And not because I'm a terrible chef and should never be allowed to construct a sandwich or pasta dish without supervision. But because I was feeling overwhelmed by two incredibly powerful things:

1) The fear that I might not be able to make my next book good.

2) The all-consuming desire to MAKE my next book good.

Essentially, these are the same thing. And, although I started rewriting Promise Me Not earlier this week, I'm already 28,000 words I'm feeling better about it. Which means it's not hopeless.

But my point, is that my friends (and by friends, I also mean family members) are awesome. Because they love me like crazy and they tell me so. I was re-reading some of the facebook messages my friends have been sending me for the last few months and I almost started crying again--geez, I'm such a girl!--because of how encouraging they all are. It means so much to me. More than I could ever verbalize to them.

So this I know: that I am loved and that my friends believe in me and hope for me and would buy my books and read them even if they sucked. And I think that's rare. I think that's special.

And I also think that's why I will be successful at this. At writing. At telling stories. Because I am loved regardless.

Now, when I say "successful", I don't mean flying-off-the-shelves-movie-in-production successful. (Although, I'm totally open to that...*insert smiley face*) I mean a-person-living-across-the-country-who's-never-heard-of-me-before-likes-my-books successful.

One fan. One dedicated reader. One person who might look forward to reading something of mine.

THAT's successful. THAT's why I'm doing this.

For that one person.

And so as I chug along on this journey of writing I am eternally grateful for my wonderful friends and family, because they will be the reason I succeed at any of this. They email me to say they care, text me to say they have faith in me, call me so say they're proud of me...and hug me when I want to give up.

Yes, I am much loved. And because of this, I can do anything. :)

Thank you, my friends and family, for the crucial role you already play in both my sanity and my future as a writer. I love you all like WHOA. :)


  1. H3@th3r said...:

    I need a "LIKE" button here. ;) or maybe a "WHOA" button.

  1. ashley bugg said...:

    ;) awe Chels....I heart you, all of our dreams, conversations...this is going to be HUGE. Like WHOA. Just you wait. <3

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