100 blog followers!

Friday, October 28, 2011
YAY! Wow, guys! Thanks so much for following my blog--you all ROCK!

When I started writing this blog, my hope was to have 40 followers in the first year (and, of course, 39 of those would be family members) but WOW! 100 followers in 4 months? That's awesome!

Thanks, everybody, for caring enough about my babbling self to follow my blog! :)

Here's a picture of how happy I am ----->

See? SUPER happy! Love you guys!


  1. Tienke said...:


  1. April said...:

    make that 101! :0) I didn't realize you had a blog..


  1. roro said...:


  1. tammara said...:

    Very cute super-happy pic. Congrats. :)

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