My Sister Doesn't Let Me Suck

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Every writer needs to have someone in their life that can read their manuscript over and say,

"This sucks. Try again."

For me, that person is my little sister, Cameron. 

Aww...isn't she cute? 
Cameron is a happily married, stay-at-home mom to three kids whose foray into editing has finally found a purpose for her long-lost, never-quite-finished English degree. (I know, I know. How weird is it that my little sister is the "writer" in the family, but I'm the child that keeps publishing books? Awk-ward.)

She met and married her husband within ten months (love at first sight, fo' sho') and, in the last seven years, she has fallen off a cliff (curse rock climbing without any ropes!), had three children whom she now home-schools (because she's an overachiever), and has learned how to cook (she's pretty rad in the kitchen).

She loves reading and writing good literature, eating good food, and having good conversations. She likes "good" stuff. She loves her husband, her church and is on-the-edge-of-her-seat excited to be on Team Awesome with the lovely and talented, Chelsea Fine!  (<----- I didn't make her say this, I swear.)

I'm super grateful for Cameron because, being my sister, she can say things to me that other people might be too afraid to say. Things like:

"I hate that character. Maybe kill him off."

"This scene is seriously cheesy, Chels. Fix it."

"Were you awake when you wrote this? Because it makes no sense at all. Drink some coffee and try again."

"I'm bored. Rewrite it so I'm not bored."

"You suck with commas. And periods. Where's my red pen? This chapter is a mess."

Do you see why I need her? My books would really suck without her patience and critical eye.

So, the next time you read a chapter in one of my books and think, "Hey, all those commas were appropriately placed and I wasn't bored." You can thank Cameron.

Love you, sis!
This is an old picture from my wedding day, but aren't we so cute? I love how she has a tiara on. It's MY freaking wedding day and she's wearing a tiara. Yep.

 Aw...look at Cameron. Walking up a hill without any ropes and managing not to fall down or anything. I'm so proud! *applauds*

Halloween 2002. She's Cruella Deville (and doing a fantastic job of looking crazy) and I'm...I have no idea? I think I was supposed to be an Arabian princess or something. Don't you love Halloween, where people can just thrown on a collection of clothing items and title themselves, "Arabian princess'? It's the best holiday ever. And what's up with my face? I don't look happy. Maybe it's because I'm hanging out with a dalmatian-obsessed lunatic. Hmm.


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