Top Five TV Moments on The CW

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
I'm a sucker for pretty much any show on The CW. That being said, I've compiled a list of my favorite moments from some beloved CW shows. (Both new and old.) Here are the top five:

1) Roswell - the one where Max comes back from the future to tell Liz she has to break his heart, otherwise the world will be destroyed.

This is one of my favorite episodes--not just scenes--of all shows, ever. Future Max is super hot and all badass, so that's fun, but mostly I loved this episode because it was so freaking heart-wrenching. Future Max has Liz break up with him so he can fall in love with the girl he's destined for? So sad! I totally cried like a thirteen year-old girl.

2) TVD - Damon professing his love for Elena and then erasing her memory. CLASSIC!

I heart Damon. Why the eff do both Katherine and Elena always choose Stefan? I don't get it. This scene was super sad because Elena WANTS Damon, but he's always been such an unpredictable, temperamental mess. And now here he is, professing his love, and what does he do? Erases her memory! Good heavens, somebody throw me a pillow so I can scream into it. Don't cry, Damon. I love you!

3) Smallville - The one where Clark rescues Lex from the lab after Lex and Lana get married

If you know anything about me, you probably know I'm a die-hard Superman fan, so Smallville was my whole life for the ten years it was on the air.  I had a really hard time choosing a favorite moment from this show because there are just. so. many. but I settled on this one because there is no dialogue, yet their love is totally screaming through the scene. Lana was blackmailed into marrying Lex (arch nemesis of Superman) but she still loved Clark (she just couldn't tell him that). And Superman, of course, COMPLETELY loves Lana so the whole mess is just so heartbreaking. But in this scene, Lana thinks Lex and Clark might be dead, so when she gets there and Clark is okay, she looks at him, and he looks at her, and the planets align, and... Ahhh! So beautiful. :) Side note: I'm totally Team Lana. Lois can suck it.

4) Buffy - The one where Angel and Buffy trick Faith

SCORE!!!! It's scenes like this that made Buffy so awesome! Bravo to Angel for his stellar trickery skills and great portrayal of Evil Angelus. And much applause for Buffy in her ability to keep her hands "tied" when Faith punched her. Awesome episode--great twist. I totally didn't see it coming. I mean, sure, it was eventually the reason Angel and Buffy broke up, but whatever. It was still rad.

5) The Secret Circle - The one where all the birds die. You know what I'm talking about. ;)

Agh, doesn't it suck when the guy you've been hot for all year finally spends the night with you, but sexing it up together ends up killing all the neighborhood birds? DRAT! Here's the thing with this clip--and the show as a whole. Had the curse been real, it would have been the best forbidden love affair ever. "But, babe. We can't sleep together or someone will die and that would really 'kill' my mood." (Did you see what I did there with my play on words? Hee hee.) Sex = Murder. Talk about ultimate stakes. But since it was all a ruse because daddy dearest was a psycho, I was sorely disappointed. :( I really wanted this show to succeed. I really, truly did. And I also wanted Adam to wear less eyeliner. Which is weird, because I usually really like eyeliner on guys, but not on Adam....

Anyway, those are my top five CW moments! Do you guys have any personal favorite TV moments? :)


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