WIP Excerpt - New Adult Title (1)

Monday, January 21, 2013
Hey guys! :) I think I might start posting an excerpt from whatever manuscript I'm working on every once in a while--just to give you guys a little insight into my upcoming projects. So here goes...  ;)

This is from my New Adult contemporary WIP (work in progress) coming out later this year:


I didn’t know how to face Levi, so I never did. And now here I am, living in the room next to his, trying to ignore all the things that come up between us. Like my scar.
And Charity.
And the magnetic heat that magically appears whenever we're near one another…
Yeah. Lots of ignoring going on.
I finish showering and wrap a towel around my body before stepping into the hallway. Levi walks out of his room and our eyes meet. 
At first it’s really uncomfortable.
Like, Oh crap, I was hoping to avoid you for the rest of my life.
And then it’s normal.
Like, Hello, old friend whom I grew up with and trust with my life.
And then it’s dangerous.
Like, Can I help you out of your towel and slip you into something more comfortable? Like my bed, perhaps?
His gaze strays from my face to my barely-covered body and, for a moment, the past doesn't exist. The pain. The only thing standing between us is the sexual tension filling up the hallway and dammit if it doesn't feel good to forget.
But then our eyes meet again and the corridor crowds with memories and guilt.
He stomps down the stairs as I stand barefoot and damp by the bathroom door, wondering if we'll ever be okay again. We're broken--we're completely broken--and it's all my fault.


Thanks for reading, guys. Have a great week! :)


  1. Aseel Naji said...:

    Oh my god that sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it!

  1. Katelyn said...:

    Oh my, I'm so excited to read this already Chelsea! I cannot wait to hear more on these two beautifully broken people!

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