Enter to win a GIVEAWAY copy of ANEW!

Saturday, December 17, 2011
The lovely and amazing Avery Olive is hosting her 13 Days of Christmas giveaway...and guess what? I'm featured for day 10! 

What does this mean for you???

It means you can enter to win a free copy of ANEW--the first book in my new
paranormal romance series The Archers of Avalon!

Click below to hop on over to Avery's blog and enter! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! :) 


  1. Hildie McQueen said...:

    Hopping over to leave a comment. You got a new follower btw...me! Your book sounds good, I'm adding to my to read list.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I LOVED the book, Sophie and Carter. I am dying for the next one! I dont want to sound pushy but..... come on!

  1. april kirkland said...:

    YAY! free ebook! foreverbama@gmail.com

  1. Joegsaraht said...:

    Thanks, really enjoyable reading.

  1. Chelsea Fine said...:

    Sure thing! Is there an email address I can send the ANEW eBook to for you? :)

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