What I do when I'm not writing...

Monday, December 19, 2011
I write. A lot. 
How else am I supposed to unleash all the many stories and characters that are trapped in my head?

BUT...when I'm not writing? I'm painting. More specifically, I paint murals. Children's rooms, schools, pediatric offices....I paint everywhere.  :)  Wanna see some pics?

So, there you have it. My...uh...hobby, I guess? Haha. But don't worry! Writing is my life, so I won't allow my hobby to keep me away from my stories. 
Speaking of which...I need to get back to my manuscript! I have a paranormal love triangle falling apart at the seams....I must keep writing! 


  1. Rachel Harris said...:

    Simply gorgeous girl :-)

  1. Shortskie said...:

    Wow stunning work! :D I need one of those rooms!

  1. Juanita Olson said...:

    Fantastic! I love the dolphin one the most. The question is, do you have the walls in your own home covered in murals?

  1. Awesome!Are you good at everything you do?

  1. @Juanita Olson Haha, that IS a good question! Um..I have ONE room with a mural--my daughter's room has a castle on the wall. My son's room? Nothing. Poor guy... But I will, eventually, get around to painting it :)

  1. @Masquerade Crew Haha, not even close!! I suck at most things. Cooking, cleaning, dancing, fashion, crafts, packing, putting on makeup....haha I'm pretty much a loser at everything. :)

  1. tammara said...:

    Chelsea these are amazing! You're so multi-talented! I love them all, but the one on top just makes me want that room. Gorgeous.

  1. Sherry Roberts said...:

    Nice work, Chelsea. In my first book, Maud's House, the heroine painted on her walls, ever square inch. It was fun to imagine a house practically tattooed.

  1. Chelsea Fine said...:

    Oh how fun! I LOVE painting! If my husband would let me, I'd paint every square inch of our walls, haha :)

  1. joannie sparks said...:

    you are good. i would love to even just have a painted picture of anything you are so good. i can;t paint or even match clothes lol

  1. Carrie said...:

    Very cool murals.  Love the first one and the one with the guitars is really cool

  1. Jessie Harrell said...:

    these paintings are amazing!  love them all.

  1. Craig Smith said...:

    Great artwork, very talented :)

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