The Friday Run-Down 3/22/13

Friday, March 22, 2013

This week, I randomly started writing a gritty, urban romance about a drug dealer, an orphan, and a hustler. Why? I have no idea. The story just popped into my head so I started typing. I'm not sure if I'll develop it or not (since I have so many other projects I'd like to finish first) but I'm happy I got down a few thousand words at least. It's unlike anything I've ever written before, with a male protagonist and minimal dialogue, but something about the desperate feel of the story really appeals to me. So we'll see.

Me and my BFF, Kristen, at the concert.

I saw Muse in concert last weekend and it was incredible! They put on a great show and, had it not been for the giant teenage boy blocking my view while accidentally elbowing me in the boob the whole night, it would have been a flawless experience. Yay, for standing room only.

But seriously, it was a great show. :)

My dreams this week:

*I want to visit Maine and eat lobster. (Random, I know.)
*I want a pool in my backyard. <-- Someday, this will happen. It WILL.

My favorite quote this week:

"I've come to realize that romance should be less like a flower and more like an earthquake." - Apology by spoken word poet, Shane Koyczan. (See below for video.)

There you have it, my Friday Rundown. 
What are your dreams this week? Your favorite quotes? 

Have a great weekend! :) 


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