The Friday Run-Down 2/22/13

Friday, February 22, 2013

This week I decided to completely rewrite a huge chunk of my New Adult novel--because I'm impulsive and ridiculous.

This is the problem with NOT outlining books before I write them. I don't always know where I'm going, which leads to word casualties. It's not very efficient. But then again, neither am I.

This isn't me, but it may as well be.
Last week I went skiing, which reminded me that I am a snowboarder, NOT a skier. They are very different sports, and I suck at the one involving two long sticks and a pair of sharp poles.

From now on, I'm sticking to my snowboard. The less crap I have to strap to my body and keep track of down the mountain, the better. For like everyone. (I apologize to any and all small children who were pegged by my flying poles and rogue skis.)

My dreams this week:

* I want to learn how to sing and play drums at the same time. Have you ever tried to do it? It's crazy hard.
* I want to see Muse in concert.
* I want a pet pig. Seriously.

My favorite quote this week:

"Mom! I need my skates to show off my talents!" -Chris, from the movie Just Friends

There you have it, my Friday Rundown. 
What are your dreams this week? Your favorite quotes? 

Have a great weekend! :) 


  1. javalotta said...:

    Lol! I won't even try either sport- too dangerous for everyone! How was Muse in concert? I love them!

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